Recent civilization has developed new technology with astonishing speed and complexity, but all the "progress" hides stagnant worldwide growth, drooping wages, and increasing wealth disparity. Governments and financial institutions everywhere seem to be retrenching and curtailing freedoms.

Wealth and power are locked up in legacy organizations whose experience has ill prepared them for the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is resulting, as we speak, from the combination of distributed databases, cryptographic hashing, asymmetric cryptography, AI/ML, cheap hardware, and lively open source development.

Our once-great consumer economies have flagged. Factories churn out commodity junk. Monetary policy hurdles into unchartered territory. Bubbles develop and pop leaving regular people holding the bag. Landfills grow. Political corruption and propagandism continue to possess Western governments in both hemispheres.

Nevertheless, the internet is helping people all over the world wise up to the waste and exploitation architected into so many of our modern systems. The result will be the radical decentralization of financial products and services.

In 2017, the world is desperate for sound money, and bitcoin (while revolutionary) is not a panacea. Our fund is a proof of concept for an investment vehicle that is just at home working with cryptographic instruments and smart contracts, as we are working in the traditional legal and banking systems. By bridging the gap, we seek to be part of a new generation of investment professionals that aren't dependent on the status quo.