Building investment vehicles
to navigate the world's most
exciting asset class.

Impossible? No. Iterative.

Iterative Instinct: The Debut Fund

Iterative Instinct is a private investment fund offering accredited investors long/short, market neutral exposure to select, tradeable cryptographic tokens above $250M market capitalization.

Relentless focus on quality

The cryptographic asset class is new, unfamiliar, and rife with doomed projects. We use ethnography, technical diligence, and machine learning to identify investible teams, networks, and assets.

Qualified to handle and store assets

Trading, holding, and securing large tranches of crypto-assets requires the kind of technical expertise, operational security, and financial backing we have.

Equipped to profit from volatility

Crypto-assets require vigilance. Our proprietary trading platform allows us to actively manage allocations and risk with agility other funds can't match.

Strategic venture activity

Eighty-five percent of our capital is allocated to liquid assets which are traded publicly on exchanges. We reserve 15 percent of our capital for strategic seed investments in B2B blockchain-related companies.

Market making for select tokens

For the most exceptional new crypto-assets, we can help create liquidity in major markets. Read more about what we do at Medium.